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Protecting Your Business and Assets

Protecting Your Business and Assets

We are prepared to protect you. We protect your rights, your property, and your relationship with your children. The difference is the time taken to help you prepare yourself.  You will understand the process, strategy, and approach.  Taking the time to help you personally will help you to avoid common and expensive mistakes.  You won't "take the bait" when you are invited to participate in unproductive and pointless legal combat. You will make decisions based upon facts, not fear. 


Protecting Your Business and Assets

Protecting Your Business and Assets

Protecting Your Business and Assets

When  property is divided  in a divorce, special care and attention must be given when a business has been started or grown during the marriage.  Property that was owned prior to the marriage or was inherited during the marriage is due careful review. Courts divide property on an "equitable" basis. Equitable doesn't necessarily mean equal. Divorce in New Albany. 


Child Custody

Protecting Your Business and Assets

Child Custody

If you look, you will find people that treat matters of child custody and parenting time as a game. You won't  find them here.  In the process of divorce our office will seek the best for your kids in the process, and will seek to protect them FROM the process. People that want to use their children to punish their former spouse don't hire us. If such tactics are used against you or your children, you can count on us to respond quickly and with time tested methods to defend against such an attack.  

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