Family Law Services We Provide


From simple to the most complex, we represent men and women in divorce matters. Our focus is on results and the most favorable legal outcome for you and your children. 

Child Custody and Visitation

For years after a divorce, it may be necessary to return to court to revisit  matters related to custody.  Changes in custody or enforcement of existing orders are best addressed with experienced and knowledgeable legal representation. 

Criminal Defense

With many years of experience in the defense and prosecution of criminal cases,  we are prepared to defend you.  Among the dirty tricks that might be employed against you in a nasty divorce are the pursuit of bogus criminal claims. We provide aggressive representation that holds people accountable. 

Grandparent Rights

The law has recognized the important role that grandparents play in the lives of children. The law weighs heavily in favor of a parent's right to make decisions for their children. We help parents and grandparents protect their role in raising children. 

Parental Alienation

Interfering  with your relationship with your children is cruel to your children and to you. People that choose to do that  usually don't stop doing it voluntarily. It will require intervention by the court.  Interfering with a parent's relationship and time with their children can result in sanctions by a court and can be the basis for a loss of parenting time by the offending party. We  can work together to devise a strategy, in and out of court , that is best for your children. 

Protective Orders

Protective orders are available under the law to protect victims of abuse and intimidation. You don't need an attorney to get one. They are free and they are important to people that need them. Unfortunately, this important safety tool is sometimes used to gain a tactical advantage in a divorce or custody case. We've seen it many times, and we can help.