Uncontested Divorce

Is my divorce uncontested?

Everyone wants their divorce to be uncontested, and some actually are. To be uncontested, as the name implies there are no issues in dispute. The parties to the divorce agree on the division of debts and assets parenting time and child support - if there are children involved.  People often use the word "simple" when they speak of uncontested divorces. Look at the items below to see if your divorce is uncontested and simple.

Full disclosure

 Even if the parties to a divorce truly agree on everything to be divided, courts in Indiana and Kentucky will require a statement of financial assets and liabilities. Everyone has to "lay their cards on the table" to make sure that the agreement is fair.


If you decide on a completely uncontested divorce, the court will not step into the place of a lawyer for either party. But, the court will not approve any agreement if it does not appear to be fair and equitable. For example, a court may reject an agreement that allows a parent to avoid an obligation to support children or leaves one party without means to support themselves.


The idea of an uncontested divorce is appealing in that the legal fees are not high. At Lemme Law Offices the fee for an uncontested simple divorce is $750. That requires both parties to have completed their full financial disclosures. There can be no issue of child custody or support. The fee would not include division of any retirement or pension benefit. Court costs are not included in the legal fee. Court costs in Kentucky and Indiana are slightly under $200.

Disclaimer and Explanation

The information provided and the fee stated is not an agreement to represent you now, or in the future, for any fee.