Wills and Estates

Planning your estate

It is an honor to assist individuals in making plans for the care of their families upon their death.  Clients express relief when they complete their will and often tell us that they wish they had done it sooner. It is not a fun topic to think about , but making an estate plan is a kind thing to do for one's loved ones. Estate planing can become rather involved, but in most cases it is a straight-forward process that is accomplished through a will.  

Can I use online will forms?

This is a common question. Preparing a Will can be done with an online form, and will likely have legal effect - of some kind. Part of the benefit of having a Will is peace of mind. The peace of mind that comes with having an attorney prepare a will has value. People are often surprised to learn that preparing Wills can be one of the least expensive services an attorney provides. The difference in price between Will forms and professional preparation is less than you'd think. 


Helping families carry out the final wishes of their loved one requires great care. We are available to explain the process required to carry out the affairs of an estate. The procedure differs based upon whether or not estate planning was conducted, and other factors. Working with an attorney that you trust can be of comfort and prevent mistakes that can be financially or personally costly.